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Clean, Custom, Practical & Effective email marketing campaigns.

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Printed Material

Clean, Custom, Practical & Effective direct mail, brochure, banner, and advertising campaigns.

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Clean, Custom, Practical & Effective Identity design and branding

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New Jersey's Newest Web Design Firm

Most design firms have sales reps who give your project to a project manager, who discusses it with a graphic artist, who then hands it off to a web developer. All the while you've only spoken to the sales rep and have to just sit and wait. These firms are more like vending machines -- you put your money in, you get what you pay for, then you walk away. 15 minutes later, you're still hungry.

JAM Graphics is a tightly knit group of designers and developers who double as your sales reps, project managers, account executives and copywriters at the same time we're planning and implementing your website. A compact firm with the knowledge and resources of a large corporation, just without the hassle!

We like to work with our clients as a partner with their projects. We won't hand you a cookie-cutter website or a clip art logo... We'll work with you personally and get your job done, the way it needs to get done. To the satisfaction of all.

And while we're working on something, if you need a logo, a business card, or a flyer in the middle of everything... you'll have to fill out a new project request form, submit it, wait for a quote, and wait longer for your larger project to get completed.... oh wait, that's the larger firms... we'll just do it!

"No Templates"

JAM Graphics designs and Content Management systems (CMS) are custom designed and built to fulfill any website's needs from the simple to the complex -- an archive of news articles, a list of Board Members, product photographs, the text on your home page, various links, the number of hits today or so far.

Most content management systems are extremely complicated and never user friendly. Joomla, Drupal, Wordpress -- we do NOT use these systems because we are committed to design, the most important and critical part. A clean, custom, practical, and effective website is what we strive for.

Although we do the setup part... the easiest part is keeping your website current. Simply log in, click on the page to edit, and make the change. If you want to add a product, click 'create' and add a product, with fields specified by you.

I love what I do, and you'll love what I do for you!

John Tedesco
Creative Director & Founder